Circular Seating Arrangement with Blood Relation For PO/CLERK 2019 || IBPS || SBI || RRB ||

L, M, N, 0, T, U, V and W are eight members of a family. They belong to three different generations. There are three married couples and there are 4 females. They are all sitting around a circular table facing the centre but not necessarily in same manner.

N and L are children of 0. L is not an immediate neighbor his mother. 0 and U are married couples. 0 who is wife of U, is sits second to the left of her husband. There is only one person sitting between N and his niece V, but that person is not V's father. T, a bachelor sits third to the right of his uncle L but neither to the opposite nor to the immediate left of his father. V is not an immediate neighbor of her aunt M. No three females are sitting together. N and his sister-in-law is immediate neighbor. L is not an immediate neighbor of his father.

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