Circular Arrangement with different directions

Eight persons are sitting around a circular table named – Ram, Rama, Ramu, Raju, Raja, Ramesh, Rupesh, and Rohit (not necessarily in the same order). They all are facing to the centre and all of them are going to different places Jaipur, Delhi, Gurugram, Noida, Bangalore, Kota, Mumbai, Mathura.

Ram is facing towards the southwest direction and he goes to Delhi. Ram is sitting in front of the one who is going to Jaipur. Ramesh is sitting opposite to Rama, who does not go to Gurugram and facing south. Ramu is facing north – west direction and likes to go Noida. Rohit is going to Bangalore. Raja, who is going to kota is not facing east direction and he is not sitting between Ram and Ramu. Rupesh is going to Mumbai and is sitting opposite to one who is facing west. Raju is facing north – east direction. The person who sits between the one who likes to go kota and Delhi, is going to Mathura.

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