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Eight students i.e. M, N, 0, P, Q, R, S and T are sitting around a circular table facing towards the centre. They all have deferent number of toffees with them.

S sits third to the right of T, who has seven less toffees than Q. N has half the number of toffees what S have with him. One person sits between N and the one who has odd number of toffees which is a perfect square more than 35 and less than 81. P has 15 less toffees than Q. 0 has 1 more toffees than half the number of toffees what R have with him. P does not have odd number of toffees. P, who has 20 more toffees than R, and M are immediate neighbor of each other. 0 sits third to the right of N and on the immediate left of Q. R has 13 less toffees than M. S has 4 more toffees than R. Neither S nor T has odd number of toffees. Both the immediate neighbor of S have odd numbers of toffees.

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