Target IBPS and Sbi po : january 22 2019 Puzzle 3

In the series of sbi puzzles this is the third post....
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Seven persons i.e. K, V, H, P, J, B and T live in different area of Delhi-Ncr. These area are Saket, Ghaziabad, LaxmiNagar, Yamuna Bank, Dwarka, Kirti Nagar and Noida but not in same order. They work in different organizations i.e. Dell, CP, Infy, HP, TCS, Ericsson and CTS, but not in same order. J lives in Noida and does not work in HP and Infy. The one who works in Infy, lives in Laxmi Nagar. H works in Dell. The one who works in Ericsson does not live in Noida and Saket. V lives in Dwarka but does not work in TCS and CTS. B does not live in Ghaziabad and Saket and B does not work in Infy and HP. The one who works in TCS is K. T does not work in HP, CTS and CP but lives in Kirti Nagar. K does not live in Saket. The one who lives in Noida does not work in CP.

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