Summary Third week of january: Reading comprehension passage Passage for Sbi Po , SO, Clerk, IBPS mains, SSC CBT, Railways, Police recruitment

Reading comprehension passage for IBPS clerk , SBI PO,clerk, SSC CBT 2019 and Railways RRBRead the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it

South of the Deccan plateau, the land between the hills of Venkatam and Kanyakumari is called Tamizhakam or Tamilaham. The Cheras, the Cholas and the Pandyas are three principal chiefdoms of Tamilaham. Our knowledge of these three South Indian kingdoms is based on the Sangam literature.

The Sangam literature was collected and classified at the three successive assemblies, the Sangams which were held in the town of Madurai during AD 100-250. However, the works of the last Sangam alone has survived. At the Sangams, eminent scholars in literature assembled and functional as a board of censors, and the choicest literature was rendered in the nature of anthologies. Ettuttogai or the eight collections of poems and Pattupattu or the ten idylls are the two categories of anthologies that comprise heroic poems. The poems were orally composed-and transmitted across a fairly long span pf time, i.e. from about 2nd century BC to AD 3rd century before they, were classified and compiled. The poems are the earliest specimens of Dravidian language (barring aside a few short inscriptions).

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