January 22 2019 Daily Update ... Target SBI PO 2019

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Solve this puzzle and comment your Answers....

State Bank of India is the pinnacle in the banking sector and has a better pay scale than any other Banking organisation. Every banking aspirant has a dream of earning a handsome amount which State bank of India fulfills. So, in order to land a job at the top we must prepare ourselves daily So, here is a question for you..

1. Seven people D, G, X, Z, Y, B and W are sitting in a straight line with equal distance between them, but not necessarily in the same order. Some of them are facing North and some are facing South. They like different cricketers i.e. Dhoni, Kohli, Sachinn, Dravid, Saurabh, Lara, Malinga but not in same order. Only two people are sitting to the left of G. Only two people sit between G and W who likes Saurabh. X sits second to the left of W. The immediate neighbours of X face opposite directions. The one who likes Lara sits 2nd left of the one who liks Dhoni. Only one person sits between X and D who likes Sachin. The one who likes Kohli sits 2nd left of D. Y sits third to the left of D. B is not an immediate neighbour of W. Both the immediate neighbours of D face the same direction. X faces the same direction as that of D. Z faces North. W sits to the immediate left of Z. There are two people sit between the one who likes Saurabh and the one who likes Dravid. Y does not like Dhoni.

Please Click here to see the Ans and Best approach to solve the puzzle ; https://youtu.be/-S6ZGbGv9-U